Wagner Systems specialize in the production of fine mechanics components and assemblies. We’re based in Cape Town, South Africa, and provide specialist precision engineering services to customers in various industries worldwide. 

Whether you’re an established business or new to industry, we are geared to offer:

Series and
batch production
of fine mechanics
components and

of components
for prototype

Advice on
component design
for manufacturability

We’re positioned internationally in the mainstream production environment and offer certain distinct benefits to our customers:

A focus on newcomers/start-ups and products being phased out
We understand the special needs and requirements of newcomers to the market, start-ups and products that are being phased out, and cater for it with insight and flexibility.

A focus on acceptance of small lots
Wagner Systems have the flexibility to do small lot production as is often required in prototyping when new product designs are being developed. This allows us to prove our capabilities to manufacture according to the specifications. At the same time it gives the customer peace of mind, knowing that we’ll be able to produce according to expectation when entering into full production.