With more than 50 years’
experience in the production of fine mechanics components and assemblies, our capabilities cover a wide spectrum:

complex machining
  • Fine mechanics assemblies
  • Hardenable stainless steel components 
  • Complex geometry machined components
  • Scale-models for training purposes
  • Fine gear machining
  • Passivation of stainless steel
  • Laser marking
  • Manual polishing
  • Table-top injection moulding
  • Colour coding, including: Titanium anodizing; colour bands by UV-cured ceramics
  • Machined engineering plastics components
  • Specialized machining, for example: Flywheels for satellite gyroscopes; coronary balloon moulds; radio telescope antenna components 
  • Instruments for medical devices and others
  • Outsourced surface finishing – anodizing and alodyne treatment of aluminium; titanium nitride coating


Our processes include the following:


We produce fine mechanics components and
assemblies in the following materials: